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A conversation between Lord Bates and Dr. Filis

On 22 April 2011, Lord Michael Bates set out on a 5,600 kilometre (3,500 miles) journey from Olympia, birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games, to London, host city for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games ... on foot. His aim is to highlight the opportunity to bring the ancient peace accord called the Olympic Truce into reality at the London Games.
180 days, 2,780 kilometres and 3,775,601 steps later, Lord Bates reached Milan on 20 October from where he spoke to Dr. Constantine Filis, DIrector of the International Olympic Truce Centre in Athens by phone.
Both men hold the Olympic Truce close to their hearts and spoke of their appreciation to the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations for adopting a Resolution to observe truce for a period of 60 days around the London 2012 Olympic Games, setting a UN record, as all 233 Member States unanimously co-sponsored the Resolution.
“We are both delighted with this achievement,” said Dr. Filis from the offices of the IOTC in Athens. “It is clear that world leaders truly recognize the power of sport in inspiring peace.” Dr. Filis expressed his admiration and congratulated the British Parliamentarian for his remarkable journey and underlined that his tremendous effort highlights the importance of truce and the window of opportunity it opens for the peaceful resolution of conflict.

The journey of Lord Bates can be followed at www.walkfortruce.org.