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Statement issued by the International Olympic Truce Foundation on the Observance of Olympic Truce in Syria

In a few hours, athletes from every corner of the world, gathered in London, will honor the highest celebration of athleticism and the greatest peaceful gathering of humanity.

The Olympic Games are a global event, uniting peoples through sport and culture.

Since their founding in ancient Olympia and their modern revival in Athens, the Games have been linked to the goal of peaceful coexistence, fair play, and a worldwide truce held over the duration of the Games.

Yet, at a moment when such Olympic ideals prevail around the world, the conflict in Syria continues to escalate.

In the face of the immense humanitarian crisis affecting the Syrian people, our message is one of respect for this global tradition: Olympic Truce.

We call on all sides in Syria to honor the Olympic Truce.

Suspension of hostilities, if only for the duration of the Olympic Games, should provide the space for negotiations to resolve the crisis peacefully.

A ceasefire would give hope and prospects to the beleaguered Syrian people for a brighter and peaceful future.

We call on all sides – even at this late hour – to honor UN General Assembly Resolution 66/5 of 17 October, 2011, which, for the first time in history, was signed by all 193 member states.
We call on all sides to honor the spirit of the Olympic Games and, in so doing, to give peace a chance.


The Board of the International Olympic Truce Foundation is chaired by Dr. Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee. The two Vice-Chairpersons of the International Olympic Truce Foundation are Mr. George Papandreou and Mrs. Fanny Palli Petralia. The statement was issued through the International Olympic Truce Centre in Athens, Greece.




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