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The International Olympic Truce Centre has developed an extended network of collaborating organizations, foundations and personalities that support the Olympic Truce.
As part of the Olympic family, we collaborate closely with the International Olympic Committee (the President of the IOC is the President of IOTF/IOTC), the Organising Committees of Olympic Games (Olympic Summer Games, Olympic Winter Games and Youth Olympic Games) to develop programs that promote the values of Olympism and Olympic Truce.
There is also a strong partnership with the United Nations, where the IOC has been given the Observer status. Under IOC’s umbrella, IOTC promotes the Resolution on the observance of Olympic Truce during each Olympic Games.
The International Olympic Academy is a key partner on educational issues. The IOTC Director is invited to deliver lectures on the history of Olympic Truce and the challenges of modern times as well as on IOTC’s activities.
IOTC has developed also its educational programs IMAGINE PEACE and RESPECTING DIVERSITY in partnership with the British Council in Greece. The British Council is a globally renowned academic institute, with branches all over the world.
Along with UNICEF Hellas, the IOTC organizes a competition for children. More info can be found here.
We are also developing relations with local and international NGOs that share the same values with us such as The Truce Foundation (USA), the London Peace Network (UK) etc.