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Respecting Diversity

The programme relates to bullying and conflict resolution and aspires to educate children on how we can avoid such behaviors by implementing Olympic values and Olympic Truce ideals to our everyday life. The pillars of the programme are the Olympic Values:

  • Joy of Effort
  • Fair Play
  • Respect for Others
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Balance between body, will and mind

The program is addressed at students aged 10 – 15 years and is organised around 4 thematic areas, which represent the Olympic Olympic Truce ideals:

  1. Recognizing diversity
  2. Equality of opportunity
  3. Social inclusion
  4. Conflict resolution


The program involves workshops in schools designed by the British Council educators involving modern teaching methods and activities, aiming at increasing children’s interactivity and engagement.
The workshops are organised throughout Greece, in both the Greek and English language. Teachers are encouraged to further engage into the different issues of bullying, and discuss them with the children.
For this purpose, a detailed teachers’ guide has been created. The programme is expected to reach more than 5.000 kids throughout Greece and more than 300 educators.
Other partners of the program are Samsung, Greek Winners Olympic Association and the Hellenic Olympic Academy.

The program is based on the IOTC's book "Respecting Diversity". For the younger children, the focus will be on a poem which, using examples from sea creatures, allegorically tackles issues of differences, opportunity, inclusion and conflict.For older students, emphasis will be placed on the story boards, role- playing and interactive games. Children will be asked to engage in activities related to the book through tablets.

The approach is a blended learning experience of teacher – driven activity, including the participation of an Olympic champion who shares with the students his experiences of Olympic Games and social inclusion.

An essential component of the program “Respecting Diversity” is the website www. respect-diversity.org which serves as a forum for for networking and exchange of ideas. Furthermore, an e-course for teachers, based on the program, has been developed in collaboration with SEETA. This course will run from November 2013 on the SEETA platform.

Programme’s reach will be enhanced by a video / powerpoint competition titled “Say no to Bullying”. More info can be found on the competition website www.respect-diversity.org.


Photos from the educational program at the Kallithea primary school for blind children:

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IMG 1243

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