International Olympic Truce Centre

Our Team

Konstantinos FILIS 

is the IOTC Director. He lectures at the Master’s programme in Olympic Studies offered by the University of Peloponnese.


is the IOTC Deputy Director. She is also responsible for the Educational Programmes of the IOTC.


is the IOTC Office Manager and Programme Coordinator.

Christina HAHAMIDI 

works at the IOTC as Office and Programme Assistant.

Katerina SALTA 

is the Manager of the IOTC refugee women’s football team, Hestia.

In IOTC, we collaborate with Greek Olympic Champions, who are the most suitable role models and can positively influence the young generation through the use of non-formal educational techniques. The Olympians participate and contribute to our educational programmes.

During the last few years, IOTC is mainly in cooperation with the following Olympic Champions:

Kostas FILIPPIDIS, Greek Olympic Champion in Pole Vault

Grigoris HATSATOURIAN, Greek Olympic Champion in Handball

Lefteris KAKIOUSIS, Greek Olympic Champion in Basketball 

Dimitris KAFFATOS, Greek Olympic Champion in Handball

Stavroula KOZOMPOLI, Greek Olympic Champion in Water Polo

Virginia KRAVARIOTI, Greek Olympic Champion in Sailing

Dimitris MITELOUDIS, Greek Olympic Champion in Water Polo

Evangelia MORAITIDOU, Greek Olympic Champion in Water Polo

Grigoris POLYCHRONIDIS, Greek Paralympic Champion in Boccia