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Imagine Peace Youth Camp

The Imagine Peace Youth Camp (IPYC) is a week-long educational programme first organized in 2014 by the International Olympic Truce Centre and the British Council, in partnership with Save the Dream and New York College and with the cooperation of the Hellenic Olympic Champions Association. It takes place at the International Olympic Academy premises in Ancient Olympia, Greece.

The Imagine Peace Youth Camp aims at the promotion of Olympic Values such as Respect, Excellence and Friendship through the participants’ engagement in interactive workshops and sport activities. The Camp is addressed to young people aged from 18-25, coming from all continents; from more or less developed places, underprivileged communities, countries that are-or have recently been- in armed conflict. A team of experienced facilitators and Olympic Champions carry out the Camp’s daily programme promoting the importance of Intercultural dialogue and respect for diversity. The participants, via experiential learning techniques exchange views, share experiences and get to know more about the culture and customs of peoples with whom they come into contact for the first time.

Furthermore, during the IPYC, the young participants are given the opportunity to explore the significance of the Olympic Truce. How this value can influence our everyday lives and behavior and what is the way for us to peacefully resolve our conflicts. The ultimate goal of the endeavor is the creation of an international network of young people, ambassadors for the Olympic Truce, who, upon return to their homelands, will work for the promotion of the Olympic Values, for the promotion of mutual understanding and respect for diversity in their local communities. All Imagine Peace Youth Camps have received highly positive evaluations by the participants.