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CrosSport project is a trans-European partnership that fosters inclusion and integration of youth refugees through sport by establishing collaborative mechanisms and peer to peer platforms with the aim of empowering sport organizations and connecting them with integration-focused social development organizations.

The project originates from the challenges that the current migration flows pose to the four selected countries: Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.


  • ICSS Europe / Save the Dream – coordinator – Portugal
  • International Olympic Truce Centre – Greece
  • Fondazione SS Lazio 1900 – Italy 
  • Fundación Sevilla FC – Spain


  1. Identify and associate organizations and projects focussing on the integration of youth refugees through sport implemented at local, national and European level. 
  2. Contribute to the networking and cooperation among local authorities, sport organizations (from grassroot clubs to federations) and social development organizations (NGOs, foundations, etc.) by setting up focus groups to share knowledge and identify good practices on the use sport as a tool of inclusion. 
  3. Develop a Methodology Handbook on how to increase community participation of youth refugees through the attractiveness of sport activities and a strengthened cooperation between sport and social development organizations.
  4. Create the figure of the “Community Leader for Inclusion through Sport (CLIS)”, a reference person who is equipped for using all the potential that sport has to impulse the social inclusion of youth refugees who are relocated from one country to another. 
  5. Promote the figure of the “Sport for Inclusion Activist (SIA)” among refugees from different communities through an intensive training aimed to develop their skills to act as “Agents of Change” and to strengthen their abilities in the fields of capacity building, community engagement and social inclusion, as well as gender equality and empowerment through sport. 


  • Sport organizations at all levels (from grassroots clubs to federations).
  • Social development organizations (NGOs, associations, foundations). 
  • Youth leaders and other community activists, with or without a sport background. 
  • Youth refugees.

You can find out more about the CrosSport project here.

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