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Successful Hosting of CrosSport National Focus Group in Greece

Athens, February 1, 2023—The CrosSport initiative successfully hosted a National Focus Group of Experts in Greece on January 31, 2023. This important gathering aimed to delve into the role of sport in integrating refugees into host communities and identify good practices that have demonstrated significant results and impact.

The Greek Focus Group witnessed active participation from various organizations dedicated to supporting refugees in Greece. These stakeholders, who work directly in the field, provided invaluable insights into the perceived benefits and challenges of using sport as a tool for integration. The discussions centred on successful integration through sport, highlighting impactful practices and the crucial lessons learned from various initiatives.

A key highlight of the Focus Group was the participation of two refugees, Shaadi and Ashkan, who have been successfully integrated through sport. Their stories shared with passion and authenticity, underscored the transformative power of sport in fostering a sense of belonging and providing stability during their challenging transitions to life in Greece. Their personal experiences enriched the dialogue, offering first-hand perspectives on the importance of sport in their journeys towards social inclusion.

The event provided a platform for experts to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and share best practices. Participants explored how sport can be leveraged to break down barriers, promote social cohesion, and facilitate the successful integration of refugees into their new communities. The insights gathered from this Focus Group will contribute to the ongoing efforts of the CrosSport initiative to promote sport as a vital tool for social inclusion across Europe.

The National Focus Group in Greece is part of the broader CrosSport project, funded by the European Union and coordinated by ICSS EUROPE. The project seeks to test and develop new policies, programmes, and actions that can be expanded across the EU to promote sport as a means of social inclusion for refugees.