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IOTC organises competitions in order to stimulate the interest and active participation of all around the Olympic Ideals. Our focus is the young generation and most of our activities are addressed to them.

Previous Competitions include the Post for Peace Competition, which was organised in view of the London 2012 Olympic Games and attracted the global interest. 

Other competions are "Say ΝΟ to bullying" and a school competition with Unicef Hellas.

For more information on each competition, please visit the respective section.


Say NO to Bullying

The competition “Say NO to bullying” is part of the educational programme of the International Olympic Truce Centre and the British Council, entitled “Respecting Diversity” which is against bullying and is based on the ideals and values of Olympism and Olympic Truce.

The competition is aimed at students of between the 5th grade of Primary school and the 3rd grade of Secondary schools (10 - 15 years old) in all schools in Greece.

Students will take part as teams and will create a video or a PowerPoint presentation and will be inspired by the following principles:

  • Recognising Diversity: Bullying appears when we don't try to understand and accept that we are different.
  • We all have the right to be treated with respect and politeness.
  • Equality of Opportunity: We all have the right of participating.
  • Social Inclusion: Accept me, the way I am.
  • We all have the right to be recognised for what we are.
  • We can all be friends.
  • Conflict resolution: I can solve my problems by talking with others.
  • We all have the right to solve our problems peacefully.


For more information, please visit the competition website.

School competition with UNICEF Hellas

The competition will be launched in the following weeks. Come back soon to get all the information!

Post for Peace

 In view of the London 2012 Games, IOTC, in collaboration with the British Council in Greece, launched an online competition where children and adolescences could participate by posting a comment, an article, a picture, a drawing, a poem etc. on how they perceive Olympic Truce. We are happy that, apart from the most developed countries, the competition attracted participants from countries like Senegal, United Arab Emirates and India. 







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