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IOTC Director participates in UN Committee for Human Rights meeting


The Director of the International Olympic Truce Centre was invited to participate as an expert speaker on the promotion of Human Rights through sport, at the UN Human Rights Committee Advisory Council meeting that took place in Geneva, on 24-28 February 2014.

photo 3ADr. Constantinos Filis referred extensively on the role of Olympic education for the advancement of human rights, presenting the benefits of the IOTC’s educational programs and activities. Among others, Dr. Filis said that “an athlete, as well a citizen, a community member or a fan, cannot be considered an integrated personality if they have not developed, through education, a detailed view of the value and usefulness of adopting the sports ideals as a way of life, as a perception and approach towards everyday life, towards the problems and the challenges of modern societies.”

He continued saying that “we believe that we can contribute our small part to the tremendous effort that is being made by the UN, the Olympic movement and other international organizations to educate people to respect human rights. Promoting a healthy way of life does not refer just to our bodies. It also refers to our minds and souls. A healthy person is a person in equilibrium, who develops his body and his personality equally. As members of the Olympic movement, we need to inspire people to respect human rights.”

He concluded that “sports have an inspirational power for all humanity. We need to exploit this power to instill in people’s minds, especially young people’s minds, the ideals that will help them create and live in a better world.”

The UN HRC Advisory Committee is mandated to prepare a study on the possibilities of using sport and the Olympic ideal to promote human rights for all and to strengthen universal respect for them, bearing in mind both the value of relevant principles enshrined in the Olympic Charter and the value of good sporting example, and to present a progress report thereon to the Council before its 27th session (September 2014).