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Project Let’s warm up the climate for sport (WARM-UP)

Kick-off meeting (online), Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September 2020 and Second meeting (online), Thursday 14 and Friday 15 January 2021

The Project “Let’s warm up the climate for sport (WARM-UP)” co-financed by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union held its kick-off online meeting welcoming its participants on September 12th and 13th, 2020. The coordinator of the project, EquiS Equilibri Sostenible, is a non-profit association based in Barcelona and a member of Barcelona + Sostenible, while the associated partners of the programme that is implemented derive from the following European organizations: Darko Athletics Team (Bulgaria), International Olympic Truce Center (Greece) and Universitatea Dunarea de Jos Din Galati (Romania).

The aim of the programme is to combine the mental and the physical well-being of the human existence through the support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The first and foremost principle of the project is to detect ways that facilitate the development of the skills that benefit the professionals involved in physical activities through the implementation of the environmental values. Thank to this goal, the partners of the project intent to exchange their good practices in order to enact an innovative and active lifestyle that can ameliorate the standard of living and motivate people to be more active. The new skills are expected to benefit sports and physical activity leaders, as well as professionals at the local, regional, or national level.

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the second meeting originally scheduled to take place in Sophia (Bulgaria) at the end of September, was finally held via video conferencing on January 14th and 15th, 2021.

During this 2nd milestone the Participants exchanged their analytical work on the good practices based on the following topics:

  • State of the art, in every Partner’s reference context, as regards physical activity and inactivity: citing official data were available, policies and strategies to increase activity rate.
  • Perspectives and ideas as regard possible concrete strategies to lever sustainability towards increased physical activity rates, especially to the benefit of inactive people.
  • Maps of the professional qualifications required for instructors or other professionals in some sport fields relevant for the Partners.
  • How it is possible to embed environmental sustainability within the identified professional qualification frameworks.  

The virtual meeting has been a fruitful opportunity for the exchange of information that can have a good impact not only on the conduct of the programme and but also on the promotion of the environmental values within sport and physical activity. Moreover, the discussion among the associated partners has been a great chance for the scheduling of the upcoming 3rd transnational project meeting in Athens (Greece), as well as the 4th meeting and pilot event in Barcelona (Spain) planned in summer/fall of 2021. 

Project Let’s warm up the climate for sport (WARM-UP)

Project coordinator: EquiS-Equilibri Sostenible